• "I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm brought by the presenters. Not only did they make sitting through the presentation enjoyable, but their information was useful."
  • "The most valuable part was having a room full of educators with varying ideas and answers I could learn from."
  • "Presenters remained on task, sessions started on time, and the information was relevant. I also appreciated time to work with my group. This is crucial!"
  • "This will make us more effective leaders so that our students can have access to more effective instruction and instructional leadership!"
  • "First of all, I have participated in TTIPS training for several years and this one was the best thus far. I finally got the problem statement, root cause, intervention, and strategy process. "
  • "The best practices presented are crucial for the success of schools. Campus Culture is one component that is overlooked because we are always going full throttle on school improvement efforts. The training showed me how important campus culture is to a school organization, and once you have a positive school culture, school improvement will occur."


Welcome to the Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIPS) Grant website! The purpose of this website is to provide you information about the TTIPS Grant options, requirements, resources, and contacts. TTIPS is Texas' version of the School Improvement Grant (SIG).

The TTIPS grant was established to assist the lowest-achieving schools across the state of Texas. Campuses are eligible if identified as "persistently lowest-achieving" or have met other eligibility criteria defined in the federal guidelines.

With the TTIPS Grant, TEA is committed to assisting local education agencies (LEAs) in turning around low-performing campuses and to improving the academic performance of all campuses that are eligible for Title I funding. This program offers LEAs an unprecedented opportunity to make "bold choices for a bright future."

TTIPS Cycle 3 Summer Training 2015

June 17th

Half Day Session

June 18th

Ignite Sessions

Opening Presentation

Building a Culture for Success (Case Study)

Team Culture Planning

Putting It All Together-Grant Alignment

TTIPS Grant Requirements

June 19th

Reflecting on the TAIS Framework

Data Analysis

Needs Assessment

Improvement Planning

Implementing and Monitoring

PSP Questions

HB 1842