About This Training

The TAIS modules are designed with the intent to provide just in time learning for campuses and districts as they navigate the school improvement process. District Coordinators of School Improvement (DCSIs) and Professional Service Providers (PSPs) will navigate Improvement Required Year 2 campuses through each of the modules while supporting campuses and districts in completing a targeted plan for school improvement. The modules will teach and support the continuous improvement process while providing opportunity for campus and district teams to reflect on their own campus and district school improvement efforts.

How To Access

Each of the modules can be accessed by clicking on the individual module found below. Once you select the module you would like to work through, you will find all of the printable resources and materials needed to be able to complete the module. In addition, you will find the link to ecampus and the workshop numbers that will allow access to the module.

TAIS 201

Turnaround Modules